Understanding and enriching the local natural environment has been at the very core of every sustainable energy project we have developed over the last 25 years

Bringing the benefits
the Net Zero transition


Biodiversity refers to the existing ecosystem of an area. At NEP we seek to provide an integrated and systematic approach, working with industry-recognised specialists to assess and provide enhanced biodiversity from the outset.

Biodiversity Net Gain is the measurable requirement to quantify biodiversity value ensuring that a completed development has a positive ecological impact. Such measures can be achieved through habitat creation or enhancement after avoiding or mitigating harm.

On all of our sites we strive to preserve, protect, mitigate or enhance any habitats and provide a meaningful increase to the biodiversity value of that land, whilst keeping sustainable development at the forefront of our plans.

Carbon Reduction

With the increase of solar and wind electricity generation (forecast) to meet the Net Zero targets the grid needs help to maximise the distribution of this cleaner energy. BESS is a solution which secures the effective deployment of low carbon energy by adding resilience to the grid and capturing and releasing energy when generation is low because of fluctuating weather conditions.

As a concept, BESS is key to contributing towards the delivery of the Government’s decarbonisation and Climate Change targets.

Solar - Renewable Energy and Battery Storage