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Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

What does a battery storage project look like?

Battery storage projects have a much smaller physical footprint than electricity generation projects and typically look like a number of shipping containers or modular blocks arranged in rows. Ancillary electrical equipment is located nearby to provide the connection into the electricity grid. Depending on the specific setting, screening is often added in the form of new planting to enhance the visual environment.
Battery Energy Storage

What we are looking for

Up to 10 acres of land adjacent or close to electrical grid substations.

We will always work with you to agree the most suitable site based on your needs to ensure minimal disruption to your home or business.
Battery Energy Storage
Electricity Grid

The Process

We will undertake a feasibility study at our cost and assess the suitability of your land. If there is potential, we will then look to agree an option to lease, which would usually be for a 20 year period with an annual payment (or land purchase if that is preferable to you).

New Energy Partnership will cover all development expenditure for the project such as the planning and grid connection applications. Upon successful completion of these steps, the lease can be executed and the project will move into the construction and operational phases.

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